Tint Windows Faster than Ever with the new XPEL EZ-Tint Tool

Tint Windows Faster than Ever with the new XPEL EZ-Tint Tool

Jul 25, 2018

In many industries, saving time means saving money. With film handling, efficiency is everything. For years many tinters have struggled with the dilemma of removing window gaskets or door panels in an effort to have cleaner installs. While well intentioned, disassembly puts internals at risk with unnecessary moisture. Those days are now behind us. Introducing the EZ-Tint tool from XPEL. It’s specifically engineered to take the headache out of your daily tint routine.


It’s a simple concept that can change the way you install. With the EZ-Tint tool, bottom loading XPEL PRIME window film is a breeze.

Once the EZ-Tint tool is in place, simply use your forearms to apply downward pressure and let it do the work. The top plate will help separate the rubber gasket from the glass, so you don’t have to worry about removing the gasket or door panel to being with.

With the gasket spread back, the EZ-Tint tool will allow you to bottom load XPEL PRIME window film without needing to reposition your hands. Combine the EZ-Tint tool with the plotted PRIME window tint patterns available in our Design Access Program, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

On top of being an awesome instrument for bottom loading window film, the EZ-Tint tool functions as a sill to hold your squeegees & other installation tools. It’s an essential addition to any window tint installer’s toolkit – wether you’re a seasoned veteran, or just starting out.

EZ-Tint Is Available Now

Ready to elevate your tint game with XPEL’s EZ-Tint tool? Hop over to shop.xpel.com & get one while supplies last. Are you interested in becoming an XPEL PRIME window film dealer or have a question about the latest products? Don’t hesitate to reach out to support@xpel.com, or call us at anytime.

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